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The Survey Store has provided GPR to the Transport industry to help and assist with ongoing and completed projects.

With the transport industry starting to use GPR to reduce the amount of boreholes and trial pits the GPR are becoming a useful tool to all. The GPR systems that can be used will be able to locate underground utilities, concrete joints and road layering. These will then be able to support the designs that are being generated.


The key to seamless infrastructure

There are a range of GPR systems that can be used within this industry would be mass array antenna systems to locate underground utilities within areas that would be subject to excavation or for site verification.

Undertaking any excavation will inevitably bring site workers into close proximity to underground utilities. Any consideration should always be given to knowing the exact location of all buried utilities before and during the construction phase.

The systems that would be recommended for the transport industry would be the IDS Stream DP along with the IDS Stream UP for large areas and for road layering a IDS RIS Hi-Pave.

We can supply these systems to the industry:

  • Purchase
  • Hire
  • Technical Support

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