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The C-thrue is a versatile, multi-functional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solution for accurate scanning and real time analysis of concrete structures. This non-invasive technology will help civil and structural engineers to improve the detection and locating process of rebar, voids, post-tension cables, cavities, conduits and any objects buried in the structure before cutting or drilling into the concrete; avoiding costly mistakes.

Easy-to-use, this is an effective locating solution, providing reliable data for optimal decision-making.

This system can be used with a telescopic handle that will allow data collection in challenging locations and conditions.


  • Clearer and faster surveys
  • Detection of both first and second levels of rebars thanks to the system’s double polarisation.
  • Safe drill in the surveyed structure
  • Rebar/void automatic insight capabilities that improve safety before cutting or drilling into the concrete.
  • Simplified data interpretation
  • Optimal decision-making supported by visualisation of acquired data in 3D models.
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Eliminate manual, error-prone paper grids with an automatic positioning and navigation system.
  • Flexibility everywhere
  • Lightweight, compact, drop resistant and transportable system for every user operations and construction sites.

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