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HI Pave

The Hi-Pave is a ground penetrating radar solution designed for high-speed assessment surveys.

The system is able to operate with up to 8 antennas, and at the same time providing a complete assessment of road conditions. It can evaluate the pavement status for new roads and asphalt areas of construction which can compare the grade and sub grade against the design specifications. It can be used to periodically monitor road and runway conditions for preventative maintenance works.

Condition Assessments include:

  • Pavement thickness measurement
  • Surface, base and sub-base road course assessment
  • Detection of cavities, voids and delamination
  • Location of cracks and faults
  • Detection of wet areas
  • Airport runway condition assessment


  • Semi-automatic procedure for layer recognition: The post processing software uses a semi-automatic procedure to collect information of road subsurface layers.
  • Modular: Hi-Pave can operate with up to 8 antennas in a chain connection using the same control unit. This can also include lower frequency antennas (typical 600 MHz) for grade and subgrade evaluations.
  • Horn Antennas: Hi-Pave is equipped with air launched horn antennas that can be used without contact with the surface. As a result the operator is able to achieve high speeds without damaging the antenna.
  • Speed: Hi-Pave is the fastest ground penetrating radar for road evaluation. It can reach up to 260 Km/h with a single antenna configuration and 10cm data sampling or 130 km/h with a dual antenna configuration and 10cm data sampling. This is 3 times more than the nearest competitor.

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