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RIS HI-Bright

The RIS Hi-Bright represents a unique GPR solution which is specialised in early detection of concrete bridge decks and their deterioration.

Its innovative design and advanced software and tools have enabled the Hi-Bright to revolutionise bridge inspection. The system has 16 antennas working at 2 GHz with double polarisation which makes for easy and accurate interpretation of the acquired data. It will measure the pavement, concrete slabs and asphalt thickness and automatically detect rebar. The Hi-Bright will detect areas affected by corrosion and delamination as well as locate the deck slabs and protective concrete damage. The Hi-Bright is the perfect solution to accurate planning and therefore reduces bridge restoration and repair costs.

This product utilises the GRED HD Bridge software.


  • Massive antenna array: Two rows of eight double polarized 2GHz antennas provide highly detailed 3D underground tomography. Greater detail enables a more accurate diagnosis of bridge deck anomalies.
  • Dual polarization: Dual polarization increases depth of penetration and quality of the imaging.
  • Fast data collection: Hi-Bright is 1 meter wide and can scan a bridge with passes in a single direction. The time needed to inspect a bridge is reduced by 16 times compared to a single antenna ground penetrating radar.
  • Automatic generated moisture map: The post processing software is able to automatically generate a map of the bridge deck’s general moisture zone. This map is obtained using a proprietary IDS algorithm.

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