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Safe Rail Systems

The IDS Safe Rail System provides a fast and non-destructive solution for inspecting railway ballast for renewal or maintenance.

By using the SRS system the track operator can use the information output to reliably calculate improvement works and improve maintenance quality. This high speed radar system, up to 300 km/h, comprises of 3 or 4 antennas which can be easily mounted on any carriage or locomotive. The dedicated software can process the data to show continuous mapping of ballast thickness as well as locating areas of poor bearing capacity, known as ballast packets. It will also show the difference between clean and fouled ballast and detect possible drainage problems.

Safe Rail Systems uses theĀ GRED HD software


  • High speed: The SRS ground penetrating radar for ballast inspection can reach more than 300 km/h with 12cm scanning steps.
  • Dedicated post processing platform: Dedicated post processing software will guide the user through the interpretation of the data and detection of subsurface layers in a semi-automatic way.
  • Video camera and GPS: The SRS solution can be integrated with a video camera, GPS and a Doppler radar encoder in order to provide the exact location of a scan and save time in post processing.

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